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Supernatural 5.22 is now currently the subject of a LOT of fanwanking. I've done my share of wanking and can now express myself with somewhat less anger and more snark (well I think this is snark. Maybe.)

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(Deleted and reposted because crossposting entries is being difficult... merde)
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even stone melts
Did you know this
I lie spinning in dazed suns

Eyes stretched wide
for the raped dazzled mind
swimming senses overcome
watery shimmers light plummeting
no tears left
gathered twirling
into helpless orbits

Stretch your fingers out to mine
Sunflares burning, your touches
A mighty darkness girdle
arcing plasma, supersedes mass,
ripplings into empty vastness
waves thrumming on celestial strings
Vertigoed apogee--
dropping molten through
a singular point of spacetime

Draw close; encompass,
flatten, a 2-dimensional cycle
carbon double-bonded to carbon
torn away in electric shivers
again spiralling quintuple
a ratio golden, decaying promises
knowing in shadows iced
-271.15 °C
entropy finds its end

I have seen the ice at the end of the world
have you?

God. I should know better than to do everything at the last minute; yet here I am with 2 major presentations due in less than 48 hours, and I'm here at 4 AM writing bad weird poetry drawing more than a little inspiration from cosmology and my warped, wrong understanding of physics in the name of procrastination so tired I'm seeing double. No doubt I will probably cringe when I'm more awake and then I'll probably rip it off the journal, but right now? I'm drunk on no-sleep exhaustion and cold, ergo I am thinking it's a good idea to post this. Meh.
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03 February 2010 @ 01:38 am
So I decide to go do some reading of certain people's journals I haven't visited in a while-- and in a post I see this ---> http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2010/01/fox-wants-to-import-torchwood-and-its-creator.html

All I have is one acronym: WTF?????!!!!!

TV producers of America-- I lose faith in you. *facepalm* Not going to bring out the RuinedFOREVAR face just yet, but that *points upwards* is sacrilege. Sacrilege. I don't fucking care even if they want to pull a Cue (Peter) Cullen with it-- No. Just. NO. Leave the show alone FOX, Goddamit! Y'all fucked over so many other shows-- don't you dare fuck this one over too. Or maybe it's time to waken Cthulhu and have him call the Great Old Ones-- where's Yog Sothoth and Shub Niggurath when you need them to scare the insanity out of bull-headed TV execs?
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01 November 2009 @ 12:22 am
To kick my ass into writing. I am an extraordinary slacker, so the writing buddy in question will have to be extraordinarily persuasive in his/her methods. Anyone know someone who can do the job?
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29 October 2009 @ 02:02 am

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27 October 2009 @ 09:09 pm
Just saw that tehopheliac's just signed up for the Dean/Castiel Secret Santa challenge. And while the idea is soo effing tempting, I have to resist due to having signed up for NaNo. Crap. LOL. Well there's always next year...
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06 October 2009 @ 05:11 pm
About a month or so ago now, neierathima asked for a Dean/Cas lullaby mix.

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03 September 2009 @ 12:09 pm
Dear kitsu84-- here's to wishing you a very happy birthday! May you have a wonderful year ahead, and joy go with you all this day, and all the days of your life.

*lets off fireworks*
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22 August 2009 @ 03:08 pm
My new kitten, Misha, named for the Overlord. About two months old, still scrawny, is rather skittish around humans, but we're slowly getting him used to us. I took this pic of him/her in the box mum put out for the kitty. Currently has an eye infection of some sort; keeping watch on it, and if it gets very bad he's going to the vet's.

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21 August 2009 @ 05:10 pm
It's a Siamese mongrel moggie, very sweet; about 2 months old. Right now the eyes are a lovely light blue-- it looks like they're changing to hazel green though. I just christened it Misha. LOL
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