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19 March 2016 @ 12:06 am
Dear Spacer 2016  
Dear fellow-rider of rockets:

Good to see you here! It's my first time signing onto this swap, and I'm feeling pumped. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with for your pick of the following fandoms.

My list of Do Not Wants is fairly short: character bashing, scat, incest or abusive sexual relationships. (Depictions of safe, sane, and consensual sexual activity of any kind are very OK!)

I will read and love what you give me -- I go with Optional Details Are Optional, so write what you like! I have no triggery issues, am cool with (almost) anything, devour fic for any and all pairings as long as they're presented believably, and will happily read anything porny in any combination and level of explicitness, subject to the caveats above.

Things I love in fic: Well researched SCIENCE! Also: Lots of characterization, character interactions, plot, suspense, strong female characters, lots of worldbuilding and little details (see all prompts below), disabilities and methods of coping with disabilities portrayed accurately, kickass characters, philosophical questions, moral dilemmas, religion, underdogs making good, angst and fluff in any proportion, adventure, humour, snark, trope subversions, remixes, pop culture and historical references, exploring "What If?" scenarios, AUs, friendship fic, family fics, happy endings, bittersweet endings.

FTL: Faster Than Light
Characters requested: Any

NB: I love and play the Captain's Edition mod for FTL, and consider stuff the mod adds to be personal headcanon, so if you do bring in things from it, it's all good!

Fanfic prompts: There's a lot we don't know about the setting, so I'd be very happy to get something that explores it; things like history stuff, e.g. how the Rebellion started, where did it come from, and why? Or crack humour in shipboard antics: A prank war between the Engi crewmen and the Mantis security officers, aided and abetted in secret by the Zoltan weapons helm who's playing both sides against the middle... Day in the life stories, on board a station or ship is also something you could think of exploring? Alternatively, if you feel like giving me an action-adventure interlude, go for it!

Fanart prompts: The sprites in game are cute, but I've always wondered what a Mantis warrior in full snarling, pincer clacking glory might look like to the poor crew of some boarded ship. Maybe framed against a burning doorway... Or the Engi hives! What does one look like?

Foreigner Series - C.J. Cherryh
Characters requested: Bren, Irene, Cajeiri

Fanfic prompts: With "Visitor" almost here, it'd be nice to revisit (pardon the almost-pun) what's led us to this point: so perhaps a story with Bren and Cajeiri, set during their two year trip out to Reunion? Perhaps our young aiji might have a serious discussion on how humans and atevi differ, suited to match Cajeiri's age, of course. Or maybe a story of Irene on the station, being the sneaky badass that she is. Or perhaps Cajeiri and Irene are getting into mischief aboard Phoenix on their way home.

Fanart prompts: Bren at home in Najida-- or sailing with his aishid. Maybe Bren's showing off a huge catch to a subtly amused Jago. ;)

Star Trek AOS

Fanfic prompts:I'd like something examining Winona and Jim's relationship through the years. Raising the young hellion that was Jim Kirk must've been a hard time. Will love anything you write with either or both of them in it though!
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