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27 October 2015 @ 12:12 am
Dear Yuletide Writer 2015  
Hi Dear Writer!

Thank you in advance for writing a fic for me! I'm excited to see what you'll come up with for your pick of the following fandoms, and I'm sure it will be just fine-- don't worry, I'm fairly easy to please. That said, since this is Yule and things are supposed to be happy or at least light-hearted, I have a short list of Do Not Wants: character bashing, scat, rape/dub-con, incest or D/s.

I will read and love what you give me -- Optional Details Are Optional, so write what you like! I have no triggery issues, am cool with (almost) anything, devour fic for any and all pairings as long as they're presented believably, and will happily read anything porny in any combination if you decide to give me Yulepr0n.

Some things I love in fic: Lots of characterization, character interactions, plot, suspense, strong female characters, lots of worldbuilding and little details (see all prompts below), disabilities and methods of coping with disabilities portrayed accurately, characters kicking ass and taking names, philosophical questions, moral dilemmas, religion, underdogs making good, angst and fluff in any proportion, adventure, humour, snark, trope subversions, remixes, pop culture and historical references, exploring "What If?" scenarios, AUs, friendship fic, family fics, happy endings, bittersweet endings.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Characters requested: Any

That's pretty much 50% of what I'd like to ask for, dear writer. I'm still sore about not getting the "endless jungles" and mobile magical topiary on Green Emperor Way and the Imperial City across multiple islands, not just one; the rice paddys of the Niben and the loss of all the Meso-American vibes about Cyrodiil we got from PGE1. Feel free to bring all the weird lore and sci-fi vibes into things too, while you're at it; I'm a Kirkbride enthusiast and will not bat an eye at weird pseudo-jargon, time-travelling robots from the future, firebird shaped spaceships made of pure sunlight, steam and magick-driven computers, or giant world-negating mecha.

The other 50% of my request? Character studies about Martin and/or Baurus. Now I know, I've written about them, myself, but this old cow gets fed up chewing on the same cud day in day out. Might I trouble you for an alternate perspective? There's achingly few stories that focus on either of these two of my favourite Elder Scrolls men-- most of the time when you see Martin in a fic it's all HURR DURR MAIN QUEST; same applies to Baurus. Perhaps a slice of life focusing on Martin and his life as a priest, before all Oblivion breaks loose? Or give me Baurus and the other Blades of the Emperor's bodyguard off-duty and relaxing with a pint-- what do they talk about?

I'll leave you with this for now, Dear Writer. Hope you managed to get some ideas out of the pile.

Foreigner Series - C.J. Cherryh
Characters requested: Bren, Ilisidi, Irene, Cajeiri

This series is the one and only long series I've bothered to keep up with year after year. Found Foreigner at the thrift store when I was 15, been hooked ever since. The atevi, their culture and just everything feels spot on and very much real. Bren is a fascinating, imperfect mirror into the atevi world: part of it, but not all the way, can't be all the way either.

Would like: Worldbuilding

Ideas: How about some fluffy salad-fic involving Cajeiri and Irene? Or perhaps 'Sidi-ji is interested in speaking with Irene-nadi-- I can see her being impressed with Irene's demonstration of independence at the end of Tracker. Or perhaps a day in the life of the average ateva around Shejidan -- what do they think of broken roof tiles, a few decades after the first shuttle flew?

Alternately, if you want to go for dramatic tension, adventure and hijinks in your story, go for it. I quite enjoyed the increasing amount of physical action Bren's been in over the last few trilogies. Maybe the Reunioners are plotting to cause trouble that only decisive action taken with much biichi-gi will halt; or the Marid is suddenly about to blow up (again) for various reasons, or some deal or other will fall through and cost the atevi government much credit -- unless our Bren comes to the rescue again? Perhaps Bren and the aiji-dowager are at morning breakfast in Shejidan, and new intrigue is about to blossom...

Hope these prompts get your engine started! Don't worry about spoilers either, I'm up to date with all the books; only Bren stuff I haven't read yet is the short story "Invitations".

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

Characters requested: Corazon Santiago, Deirdre Skye

I love imagining the strangeness of it all, the difficulties of adjusting to life on a different planet-- the mindworms, proto-sentient fungus, the Voice, all of it. So again,, worldbuilding, on top of what we know from the Dtalinks and Wonders videos.

Santiago's "can do" attitude, the badass-ness of the Spartans, how they're all determined to take everything Planet can throw at them and survive-- I'd like to see that in action. Deirdre Skye's gentle Planet-loving ways hide a core of sheer steel that won't give up her ideals; in her own way she's as terrifying as Santiago is. These two ladies, one brash, one more reticent but as determined, are more alike than different, I feel, and I'd like to see that, how they possibly realise it and come together. Because I ship these two so hard.

FTL: Faster Than Light
Characters requested: Any

This is possibly a very odd game to be writing for, given the deliberate vagueness of the setting, the dearth of discernable characters and how random events in game are. But Dear Yuletide Writer, if you're up for it-- tell me the story of this universe. Why did the Rebellion happen? And did our crew make it through the Last Stand? What happened after the Rebels were defeated, or conversely what happened after they won? Otherwise slice of life fic aboard ship is also welcome, or stuff about the various alien races like the Engi and the Rock.

Ambition (2014 short film)
Characters requested: Any
This short film is totally awesome, I'm sure you'll agree. Where are they? Who are these people? Are they our descendants living in the far future, who have become gods in their own right, creating worlds and stars at will? Who is the Master, and how did he meet his Apprentice? And what happens next for the Apprentice who is ready-- for what? I'm hoping you'll tell me-- I'm dying to know!

Good luck, have fun, and may the bears never be with you!