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14 May 2010 @ 09:25 pm
5x22 thinky thought *SPOILER*  
Going to get dinner and then sit down and cram for tomorrow's tech paper, but before that-- I just woke up, and thinking over the ep in my head, something occurred to me. Is it just me, or does 5.22 strike anyone as having several failures of logic that are more than a little bloody DISTRACTING?

For one: it just occurred to me that having Sam's flashback/fighting off of Lucifer be triggered by his seeing Dean's amulet hanging SOMEWHERE, be it off his brother's neck or the freaking rearview mirror would've made a HELLUVA more sense than seeing some random toy soldier he stuffed in the car umpteen years ago!

That amulet is a major symbol of their relationship. It means so much to the both of them; the one who gave it, and the one who received it. Right now Sam seemingly never rescued the amulet from the trash, but considering the magnitude and frequency of asspulls in the last few episodes, it'd actually have been VERY possible, in fact I'd say more than just possible that Sam would've picked up the amulet again off-screen. He would've if it meant anything to him. Ugh. And it wouldn't have been such a major logic fail.

Because, like, WTF, that toy must've been indestructible, or maybe God arranged for it to be there somehow (manipulating free will and most likely outcomes?), because somebody tell me how the fuck is it likely that that toy hasn't been (*&*&^ MOVED through 20+ years of driving, moving things around, one bad accident that totalled her and Dean's rebuilding and the cleanings Dean gives his car?

Unless of course we interpret it as being that it's the sight of the Impala that does it, as SuperWiki has it. In which case my sense of rightness and logic is somewhat appeased. Otherwise? NO.

About Sam's memories allowing him to fight off Lucifer: kinda weird considering this is the same guy who has multiple pagan *Gods* for brekkie. I mean, yes, pagan deities, but still, hello, Gods! Unless we credit Sam Winchester with all the willpower and fortititude of oh, say, 100 saints backed up by Godly power. Which, LOLwhut? No. Then again, the writers seem to have been suffering losses of logical ability rather frequently.

If we go with the first apparent event-- IT MAKETH NO SENSE. Like I've said. ASS PULL. But if it's the second (the Metallicar herself) then YAY IMPALA FTW. But still not enough to redeem the ep's failness.

Off-topic: I need to trim my fingernails. They're hindering my typing and tearing holes in my keyboard cover. Why do the danged things only last 7 months before getting torn?

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