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14 May 2010 @ 05:29 pm
In need of something to get the ol' SPN mojo running again?  
I know. The finale was an abysmal ending to a mediocre season. Many of you are currently disillusioned, if you haven't already started flagging earlier in the season. The fannish squee Thursday used to summon is frozen and lifeless, murdered most callously by these latest events.

I know many of you will wish to leave SPN fandom-- and that's natural. Most are brokenhearted over the events (or rather non-events). And worse, horror of horrors-- you may even feel you've lost the will to create fanfics, fanart, vids, etc., that canonical douchebaggery has killed any fannish creativity you might've had left for fandom.

Some of us are already swearing to bounce back right now and create even better works of fannish devotion to clear the dead skunk stench this last ep's been; but some may need more encouragement.

To that purpose, I'm linking [personal profile] zimshan's fanvid Kill A Man, saluting the spirit of SPN fandom and fans, a potent reminder that fannish disappointment can be a mighty slavedriver to fannish creation. With many thanks to [personal profile] roque_clasique for first pointing me in its direction.

[personal profile] zimshan herself has said all I meant to in her post, and far more eloquently, but I wanted to add my own message too.

Watch, and remember in the midst of your fury and disappointment, as you're swearing up and down you're quitting fandom on the spot and cussing out the writers for trashing our beloved Show; why we are here, we ficcers and artists, podficcers, vidders, meta writers, plain fen who love our fandom, and what WE can do-- we are not bound to the circles of canon!

Canon may twist and turn and lose its plot, but fandom remains. WE remember what was, what 'is', and in our works we look to what might or could be arising from the 'what is'. The 'what might be' and the 'what should've been'-- the speculation and the fixit have always been the essence of fandom's creations. Why should now be any different?

The fannish tales we tell with these characters are ours, and canon cannot take that satisfaction from us. Sam and Dean and Cas's copyrights may not belong to us-- but in the creative spirit our individual visions, so often very different from canon belong to us and us only, and we share these visions with others of like mind and gain pleasure from doing so.

Now is the time to come forth and create, to keep the love alive. From the ashes of disappointment and disillusion let the flames of creativity awaken and blaze forth to new heights!

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lexhibition on May 14th, 2010 10:27 am (UTC)
It's not so much that it makes me not want to write as it has changed the sort of thing I want to write about. Before this I was dithering about wanting to write a DeanCastiel big bang for that challenge, but right now I look at canon and the relationship I wanted to write about just isn't there. Even the characters I wanted to write about don't exist any more.

That's okay. I have other ideas, other things I want to do. I'm definitely not jumping ship anytime soon.

I'm flexible. :D
luminare_ardualuminare_ardua on May 14th, 2010 10:35 am (UTC)
For you, it's a change of seasons-- but for some, this's stopped them dead in their tracks. Good to keep going though! I'm not going to do BigBang, as I prefer no deadline writing, but somehow Imma gonna get that story done over the summer.